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3 Impressions® Impression Management Professional  Development

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • The Science of 3 Impressions®

    • Understanding The Power In  Nonverbal Communication

  • Working With Clients

    • Sales 

    • Speaking

    • Digital PR

    • Crisis Management

    • Experience Based Design

    • Visual Production

    • Thought Leaders

  • Build Your Business

    • Leveraging Your New Knowledge

    • Adding New Services

    • Media, Marketing, and The Main Stage

    • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

Training Week By Week

Foundations (Week 1)
  • Understand how the mind forms, uses, and manipulates the impressions we make

  • Learn the power behind the 3 impressions we are always making 

  • Understand the science and subconscious communication everyone reads from nonverbal communication

  • Master the difference between how the sexes view nonverbal communication and store impressions

Working With Clients  (Weeks 2 -8)
  • Break down the strategy, structure, and work to create successful experience, influence, and impressions for these key careers

  • Develop real world strategies for when crisis hit

  • Understand how impressions today as well as in the future will be tracked and used against careers

  • Learn the specific niches each career needs to be aware when it comes to impressions management and the social expectations of their audience

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real world business (Weeks 9-10)
  • Understand how to leverage your new knowledge when it comes to marketing and sales.

  • Learn the key words to land both media and speaking engagements.

  • Create your own unique micro niche within your existing audience

  • Understand the pricing, legality, and other business basics to adding this modality within your work

  • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

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Pricing + Application

Because of the intimate and intense nature of our courses we limit how many students we serve. To be placed on the notification list when your desired session becomes available, please complete the below form.

The 2023 financial investment for the 3 Impressions® Impression Management Professional Development training is $9900 (USD)

Uplevel Your Skills With Us
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