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The teens and preteens of today are built differently. Their creative perspective and realistic understanding of modern communication (social media, viral content, the metaverse, etc) and entrepreneurial spirit makes them prime to shift the contemporary marketplace.

Though these fantastic individuals have the instinctual skills, the business best practices, and the relational skills needed to create financially successful businesses, they simply need to be improved. 

That’s where we come in.

NEBMC™  Teen is dedicated to developing forward-thinking age and industry-specific training to create profitable businesses for today's youth between the ages of 12-18.

NEBMC™  Teen brings the leading business experts in their fields to your teen. With programs from personal development to becoming a social media manager or app developer. We are obsessed with helping teens not only find their way outside of the matrix (if they so choose.) We want them to find success by expediting the learning curb.

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Fast track to success

Our live, online trainings are designed to build community, collaboration, and creativity while giving a personalized experience to your teen's needs, wants, and desires.  As we are not attached to the what or how your teen succeeds, but the why. Because we know if they can find clarity and purpose in their life, success comes. 

next level education


NEBMC™ Teen courses are designed to work within the average school schedule. Our live virtual professional training is designed to transform your teens knowledge from little to known to industry expert in weeks.


Designed with a classical “art school” format, in-class training brings practical skills and creative solution-focused thinking. Our  jury classes give you hands-on experience presenting your work to both clients as well as fellow students.

Most courses are held over winter, spring, and summer breaks so that your teen can focus fully on the course load without negatively impacting their traditional school and sport schedules. 


On-demand classes and private project review is offered on a case-by-case basis for alternative school students. 

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Our programs are hyper-focused. Delivered over school breaks, these immersive experiences create significant change quickly. And though the course may be over within a few weeks, our support for your teen’s success stays.

Interested in more information or want to know when the next course is being offered? Add your information below, and we will keep you in the know.

What Subjects Are Your Teen Interested In?


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