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Neri® Professional  Development

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • NERI® Basics

    • Working With Clients

  • Working With Clients

    • Perception of Money

    • Visual and Verbal Cues

    • Sabotaging Tendencies

    • Motives and Mindset

    • Boundaries and Limits

    • Percrasitiation, Time, and Taking Too Long

    • Triggers and Trials

    • Kindness and Gift Giving

    • Professionalism

    • Sex, Self and Success

    • Creativity and Neurodivergence

  • Build Your Business

    • Leveraging Your New Knowledge

    • Media, Marketing, and The Main Stage

    • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

Training Week By Week

Foundations (Week 1)
  • Understanding your own NERI®

  • Learn your innate relationship style

  • Master how to discern your client's NERI® profile with and without a quiz

  • Understand your client’s motives

Perception of Money (Week 2)
  • Understand how each main NERI® profile views money - spending,earning, and savings

  • Know how to position your offer so your audience says yes

  • Master the biological and social expectations each profile associates with money

Visual and Verbal Cues
  • Learn the visual and verbal cues that each profile picks up on as well as gives

  • Understand by simply observing someone how to best approach a stranger or handle an upset client

  • Understand how style, color, and tone come off to each of the NERI® profiles as well as on biological and psychological levels

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Sabotaging Tendencies (Week 3)
  • Know the sabotaging tendencies each NERI® profile has

  • Understand how to circumvent these tendencies and create systems to minimize the sabotaging effects on your work / client’s life

  • Learn the root subconscious, biological, and social stories that rule each of the profiles to create these sabotaging ways

Motives and Mindset
  • Understand what truly drives each of the profiles

  • Learn how to use your client’s mindset to your advantage

  • Know how to motivate anybody by using their NERI® profile to their advantage

Boundaries and Limits  (Week 4)
  • Learn how each profile perceives boundaries and enforces them

  • Understand how to set boundaries with a client that creates a positive experience for both

  • Know the mental limitations each NERI® profile has when it comes to work, relationships, and going the extra mile.

Procrastination, Time, and Taking Too Long
  • Understand how each profile perceives time 

  • Learn how to communicate expectations and timeframes that sooth different profile types

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Triggers and Trials (Weeks 5)
  • Know the top life and work situations that trigger each profile

  • Understand how they innately react to such trials (because it is anything but logical)

  • Learn how to de-escalate these moments and move then out of the Fight/Flight/Freeze/ Fawn mindset and into one of action

Kindness and Gift Giving
  • Learn how each profile views kindness and what they perceive as acts of kindness

  • Know what gifts you should and should not get based off of your client’s NERI® profile

  • Understand how to create a mutually beneficial experience even when your kindness profiles don’t match

Professionalism (Week 6)
  • Know the professional standards each profile expects and wants to live up to

  • Learn the key ways that you need to show up and speak up so that you are viewed as the expert

  • Master how to match their expectations with your authentic NERI® profile

Sex, Self and Success
  • Learn how your clients view success, sex, and themselves (and what that means for how they view life)

  • Know how to find and support the areas of success they seek

  • Understand how to shift your client’s NERI® profile to either meet their expectation of themselves or meet how they are truly showing up

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Creativity and Neurodivergence (Week 7)
  • Learn the neurodivergent tendencies of each of the NERI® profiles

  • Understand how creativity affects how they show up

  • Know how to use your client’s tendencies to the advantage of your work together as well as their overall well being

Real World Business (Weeks 7-8)
  • Understand how to leverage your new knowledge when it comes to marketing and sales.

  • Learn the key words to land both media and speaking engagements.

  • Create your own unique micro niche within your existing audience

  • Understand the pricing, legality, and other business basics to adding this modality within your work

  • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

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Pricing + Application

Because of the intimate and intense nature of our courses we limit how many students we serve. To be placed on the notification list when your desired session becomes available, please complete the below form.

The 2023 financial investment for the NERI® Professional Development training is $8900 (USD)

Uplevel Your Skills With Us
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