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Intelligent Influence® Professional Development

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • The Science of Intelligent Influence® 

    • The Top 12 Personal Sabotages and How to Overcome Them

    • The Top 14 Professional Sabotages and How to Overcome Them

  • Client Logistics 

    • Discerning You Vs. Them

    • Connecting With What's Holding Your Client Back

    • When To Show, Tell or Discover

    • Creating A Client Daily Routine

    • The Power of Words and Tone - Correcting Speech Patterns

    • Using The Power of Personal Style

    • Building Boundaries

  • Real World Business

    • Leveraging Your New Knowledge

    • Media, Marketing, and The Main Stage

    • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

Training Week By Week

Foundations (Week 1 -2)
  • Understanding the science and message behind nonverbal communication

  • The power and science behind energy and influence

  • Overcoming the top personal and professional sabotages most people experience

Discerning You Vs. Them (Week 3)
  • Understanding how your energy influences other

  • Learn how to discern the reality of the situation and root 

  • Learn the role of an expert when your client is in an emotionally or energetically vulnerable moment

Connecting With What's Holding Your Client Back
  • Master 3 key ways to connect when you are disconnected

  • Learning how to get to the root of why your client is disconnected

  • Overcoming the social stories that are creating sabotage.

  • Create repatterning to expedite connection and influence.

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When TO Show, Tell, or Discover (Week 4)
  • Understand how learning styles affect communication and influence

  • Learn then the best 3 ways to help reprogram your clients from sabotage to influence faster

Creating A client Daily Routine
  • Understand the power and human need for habit

  • How to build easy and effective patterns to replace toxic habits and harmful social stories

  • Learn how to strategically build routines that support your client’s ultimate goals

The Power of Words and Tone  (Week5)
  • Why origins matter

  • How tonal inflection and speech patterns affect influence

  • Methods to correct negative speech patterns

Using The Power of Personal Style
  • How personal impact nonverbal communication

  • Understanding what style says about people’s personalities and expectations

  • Learn to dress authentically and intentionally to build influence

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Building Boundaries (Weeks 6)
  • Understand the science behind boundaries and why we need them

  • Master how to create authentic boundaries that build influence

  • Learn why boundaries automatically make someone appear more influential and in charge

Real World Business (Weeks 7-9)
  • Understand how to leverage your new knowledge when it comes to marketing and sales.

  • Learn the key words to land both media and speaking engagements.

  • Create your own unique micro niche within your existing audience

  • Understand the pricing, legality, and other business basics to adding this modality within your work

  • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

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Pricing + Application

Because of the intimate and intense nature of our courses we limit how many students we serve. To be placed on the notification list when your desired session becomes available, please complete the below form.

The 2023 financial investment for the Intelligent Influence® Professional Development training is $8900 (USD)

Uplevel Your Skills With Us
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