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self-knowledge creates the life of your dreams

Personal development leads to overall success because when you understand who you are, what motivates and drive you. This knowledge allows you to not just get more out of life, but to allow the people around you to go after their dreams as well.  Here at NEBMC our personal development courses are designed to create clarity, personal understanding, and the solutions to build the life you are looking for.

personal trainings with purpose

We design our courses for the real world when it comes to our students time and results. Our combination of group learning and 1/1 guidance allows our students to receive the best of higher education.

Every NEBMC student recieves

  • Access to personal development training focusing on creating clarity to better understand yourself, design style, and client patterns

  • Education from industry experts with years of experience and client know-how

  • Walk away with having a deeper clarity of yourself as well as what you want out of life and how to get it

  • Continued support long after your course ends for yourself (yes, we are here for you when run into those real, real world questions)

Our trainings are designed to be intensive. The classes are every Tuesday and Thursday during the course period.


Besides a few quizzes to show an understanding of the basic information, our courses are graded during jury classes.


Jury classes are where students present their personal understanding and revelation.  More information about our grading rubric can be found here.


Once successfully completed, our students walk away with a certificate from NEBMC™ noting your training focus.

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Image by Nicholas Barbaros

Continued Support

Just because your course is over, doesn’t mean our support is. We offer continued support answering questions, helping you build a deeper understanding of yourself - we are here for you.

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