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Neuro Human Branding® Professional Development

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • The Science of Neuro Human Branding® 

    • Understanding The Branding Relationship Basic Needs, Wants, and Desires

  • Client Logistics 

    • Bringing Neuro Human Branding®  To Branding Deliverable Basics

    • Branding For Coaches

    • Branding For Authors

    • Branding For Products

    • Branding For Thought Leaders

    • Branding For Lifestyle Brands

    • Branding For Communities

    • Branding For  Gen x

    • Branding For Gen Y

    • Branding For Millennials

    • Branding For Gen z

    • Branding For Baby boomers

    • Branding For Political Correctness

  • Real World Business

    • Choosing Your Business

    • Numbers and Logistics

    • What Your Audience Wants

    • The Mindset of Business

    • How To Use Neuro Human Branding®  To Stand Out From The Crowd

    • Services and Systems

    • Leveraging Your New Knowledge

    • Media, Marketing, and The Main Stage

    • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

Training Week By Week

Foundations (Week 1)
  • A functional grasp on Human Needs Psychology,  Neuro Human Branding® and the biological desires for relationships

  • Learn the psychological triggers when it comes to space, shopping, community and connection

  • Understand the chemical cascades that happen throughout the body based on experiences

  • Understand how the subconscious mind works to build your brand or forget it.

Bringing Neuro Human Branding®  To Branding Deliverable Basics (Week 2)
  • Break down how to create visuals and verbals effortless for any branding piece triggering the 3 core elements of Neuro Human Branding®

  • Learn how to create experience rich elements even in a 2-D online world. 

  • Understand how to create a rich brand experience, community, expectation and loyalty for everyone involved with the brand

  • Master how to keep your brand visually and verbally on point while evolving with your clients and societies needs.

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Building Your Client Portfolio (Weeks  3 - 27)
  • Learn the key areas,needs, social stories, and psychological hang ups most of these industry professionals and age ranges struggle with

  • Discover how they want to be worked with, what they value when it comes to relationships, and what it means to them to show that you care

  • Understand from both a brand and client perspective how to create meaningful engagement while living up to brand standards

  • Work with real and case study clients on all things brand giving you hands on knowledge on how to implement the Neuro Human Branding® tactics into your work

Real World Business (Weeks 28 -30)
  • Learn how to strategically choose the business, client, and offer that work for you, audience, and bottom line

  • Understand pricing, logistics, building a team, and all the other aspects of agency building

  • Master understanding what your audience wants and how to express it to them over multiple platforms

  • Understand how to leverage your new knowledge when it comes to marketing and sales.

  • Learn the key words to land both media and speaking engagements.

  • Create your own unique micro niche within your existing audience

  • Understand the pricing, legality, and other business basics to adding this modality within your work

  • Contracts, Legal, And Pricing

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Pricing + Application

Because of the intimate and intense nature of our courses we limit how many students we serve. To be placed on the notification list when your desired session becomes available, please complete the below form.

The 2023 financial investment for the Neuro Human Branding® Professional Development training is $23,000 (USD)

Uplevel Your Skills With Us
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