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Graphic Design

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • The Basics 

    • Key Aspects Of Graphic Design 

  • Client Logistics 

    • The Psychology of Your Audience 

    • Your Audience 

    • Best Practices 

    • Defining Your Expertise Scope 

  • Real World Business

    • Logo Design 

    • Business Assets 

    • Social Media Presence 

    • Product Packaging 

    • Creating Visual Campaigns 

    • Digital Product and Book Cover Design

    • Product Design 

    • Creating Your Portfolio 

Training Week By Week

The Basics
(Week 1)
  • Traditional Graphic Design vs. 

  • Adobe Suite, Canva, and other design software options

  • Digital graphics

  • Digital imaging

  • Communication and promotional design

Key Aspects Of Graphic Design (Week 2)
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) process, theory, and design 

  • Page layout and composition design 

  • Motion and animation design

  • Spacial design

  • Subconscious triggering

  • Color Theory

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The psychology of your audience (Week 3)
  • NERI®

  • The power of social stories

  • Visual and verbal triggers

  • Industry Expectations

  • Typography

Your audience (Week 4)
  • Understanding your client’s true vision

  • Design styles and expectations

  • Understanding your ideal audience’s audience

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Image by Moritz Kindler
Best Practices  (Week 5)
  • Trademark

  • Copywrite

  • Image and video release

  • Client handoff

Defining Your Expertise Scope
(Week 6)
  • Understanding your client's psychographics

  • Style vs. Audience Niche

  • Add ons and repeat work

  • Contracts

  • Pricing that is right for you

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Real World Business

During this section, we will be working with “real” clients with their strategy presentations happening during Jury class at the end of each two weeks.

  • Logo Design (Week 7)

  • Business Assets (Week 8-9)

  • Social Media Presence (Week 10-11)

  • Product Packaging (Week 12-13)

  • Creating Visual Campaigns (Week 14-15)

  • Digital Product and Book Cover Design (Week 16-17)

  • Product Design (Week 18-19)

  • Creating Your Portfolio (Week 20)

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Pricing + Application

Because of the intimate and intense nature of our courses we limit how many students we serve. To be placed on the notification list when your desired session becomes available, please complete the below form.

The 2023 financial investment for the Graphic Design training is $12,000 (USD)

Uplevel Your Skills With Us
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